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We are experts in jiu jitsu. We use this as the foundation from which we live healthier, more full-filling lives. Stop in during any class and speak to us about your goals and we will show you how we can help.


Licensed Professionals

Are you ready to transform your life? At Black Lion Jiu Jitsu Academy, we believe that Jiu Jitsu is more than a sport, it's a way of life. Our program will help you build confidence, get in shape and learn self-defense. All skill levels are welcome, so come and see what we're all about!


Eco-Friendly Design

We believe that jiu jitsu is more than just a sport or hobby, it’s a way of life. Our community is built around the commitment to dedicating oneself to the art of jiu jitsu, both on and off the mat. Join us in our mission to develop a strong, supportive culture where each member is encouraged to work towards their personal goals and reach their full potential. We strive to help our members gain confidence, self-discipline and a healthy lifestyle, while building long-lasting friendships along the way.


First-Rate Materials

Conquer your fears in our friendly and welcoming environment for anyone who wants to learn Jiu Jitsu, regardless of age, gender, or experience level. With our unique approach to training and extreme ownership mentality, we believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Come and see what we have to offer, and let us help you take your fitness and your life to the next level.


Get to Know Us

Our no ego atmosphere makes sure wherever you are in your journey, you are comfortable here. If you are preparing for a a bjj or grappling tournament, looking for specific self defense techniques, or looking to get in shape and be part of our extended family, come check us out.

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Alexa Young, CA






500 Terry Francine Street
San Francisco, CA 94158




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