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Detroit Winter Jiu Jitsu Championship

Black Lion Jiu Jitsu Roars at the Newbreed Detroit Winter Championship!

First things first

I sincerely appreciate every one of you that came out to help our team compete in this event. Parents, competitors, coaches, and team members showed up and played such an important role in our success. It's our commitment to the sport and each other that makes moments like this happen.

Newbreed Winter Championship Team results

We made quite the statement as a team at the competition. Black Lion Jiu Jitsu Academy brought home two of the three available team awards: Best Team Overall and Best Adult Team. As a team we earned 12 Gold, 7 Silver, and 8 Bronze pieces of hardware. 👏 We want to thank all the competitors for being involved in the competition side of the sport we love. View Top Teams list Here:

Newbreed Winter Championship Individual results

Individually, most competitors competed in both Gi and NoGi. Some competitors also competed in Absolute divisions giving them a chance to earn up to 3 pieces of hardware. Gold Medal Recipients

🥇 Zachary Cross, Gi

🥇 Dominic Deque-Rico, Gi

🥇 Tabias Coleman, NoGi

🥇 Edwin Kok, Gi

🥇 Pedro Benda Gi and NoGi

🥇 Ted Lubbers, Gi and NoGi

🥇 Justin Andrews, NoGi

🥇 Trent Champlin, NoGi

Silver Medal Recipients

🥈 Bryce Rozelle, Gi

🥈 Chris Micheal, Gi

🥈 Dan Cobb, Gi 🥈 Micheal Brosman, Gi and NoGi

🥈 Nicholas Postema, NoGi

🥈 Thomas Hammond, Gi

Bronze Medal Recipients

🥉 Brantley Whetestone, Gi 🥉 Chandler Brouwer, NoGi 🥉 Edwin Kok, No Gi

🥉 Justin Andrews, NoGi Absolute 🥉 Marley Dominguez, Gi

🥉 Nicholas Postema, Gi

🥉 Trent Champlin, No G

Filter for Black Lion in the academy field and view individual results here:

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